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Nichimou Trading Co., Ltd.

We are building a solid foundation that is one of the best in the industry through our efforts to provide a stable supply of paper materials and quality improvement. In the age of resource conservation, recycling is strongly demanded. Especially in the paper and pulp industries, the depletion of wood resources as raw materials has been recognized for a long time. Resource recovery usage along with forest resource protection and forestation play an important and crucial role. We will continue to grow steadily, aiming to enhance our aggressive collection system, improve quality, and increase the credibility of reliability.

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Nichimou Printing Co., Ltd.

Established from the strategy of Nippon Molding Co., Ltd., "Aiming to be a comprehensive paper company".
Along with the innovation of information processing technology, the printing industry is rushing to ride the waves of the IT revolution, and printed matter is showing various changes through ways of communication.
We have meticulously identified these times and have grown by combining hardware (technology) and software (planning) in a well-balanced manner.
We provide a reliable product by utilizing the knowhows we have in planning, designing and printing printed materials by combining a complete equipment-based environment, advanced technology and exceptional staff.
We are continuing our operations with the aim towards becoming a leading printing company in the region.

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Japan Logistic Co., Ltd.

With the purpose of streamlining internal logistics, we started with the efficient management of logistics, from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of products to customers.
As a key element of corporate support, innovative changes are required in logistics.
innovative changes are required in logistics.
we are aiming to provide safer, more reliable and speedier logistics services,
plus the creation of new value and new services to customers.

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Nakatsugawa Factory

(Taisei Co., Ltd.)


Yu-Ai Security Co., Ltd.

We believe in delivering total safety to your upmost satisfaction.
Forming a business alliance as part of the business diversification of Nippon Molding Co., Ltd.,
we have started to play a role in local disaster prevention activities.
 With our headquarters in Chiryu area, we have expanded our business area from West Mikawa area to all of Aichi Prefecture to ensure the safety of our company's infrastructure and safety,
as well as to carry out a wider range of safety activities.

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EMI Thailand


EMI Thailand