Nichimou Printing CO LTD.

Various Printing Forms,Brochures ,Website Creation,Future projected products

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Our Business


●Various Printing Forms

Fast, accurate, reasonable

We handle various forms printing such as computer copy slips as well as handwritten slips. Due to the improvements in personal computer and printer performance, the number of mechanical slips is also increasing. We also handle various slip printing, which is essential for many businesses. We offer various proposals according to our customer needs.


●Brochures and Booklets

Suitable and high quality for your needs

From the beginning, the process of going through the company guide, printed materials related to planning and design, and periodical printed materials such as newsletters and booklets take time, as well as various designs and posted contents. Our company’s full-time staff will propose plans and designs, change the image requested by our customers into a form, and make it a satisfactory printed item.


●Website Creation

First-class Design, THE best program there is to offer

Nowadays, the social recognition of the world wide web is vastly increasing. Homepage is recognized not only as a company guide but also as a powerful sales tool. We can make your webpage or website effective and powerful by creating a web and system construction that only the best of the professionals can do.


●Future projected products

High quality and reasonable

In addition to products focused on printed matter, we are introducing products that based on timely trends. In this industrial society, we are producing various items such as promotional items with UV printing and clear file production, production of holders for various certificates, production of cards used in shops, as well as other products.