For those who have trouble with egg breakage

Mechanism of Egg Breakage

There are two main causes of egg breakage

shock broken egg counter-plan


Pressure load capacity 30kg (compared to ours) Please use our pulpacks.
It also has excellent side pressure resistance and is effective in improving case strength.
Simply using a pulpak that is exactly the right size for the eggs can also reduce the egg breakage rate.

vibration broken egg counter-plan

Cushioning paper as cushioning material to prevent vibration and egg cracking

For better protection against egg breakage, use a cushioning material for the clearance between the upper lid of the pulpak and the eggs.
※Flat type assumes a maximum of 2L.

Cushion paper for vibration-breaking eggs

Vibration crushed egg countermeasures

Vibration crushed egg countermeasures Urethane mat

Attaching it to the back of the lid dramatically improves the cushioning function.

Vibration crushed egg countermeasures


The buffer function is dramatically improved.
It is a cushioning material derived from plant starch that is kind to the earth.

Egg-breaking measures during transportation

Egg breakage suppression case [ Haran Banjou ]

There are numerous causes of egg cracking during route delivery, including vibration during transport and
dropping of boxes during receiving.

These route flights use a variety of innovations to reduce egg breakage.
The combination of Pulpac + urethane mat + inner cushion + packing material is the final solution to the egg-cracking problem.