Nichimou Printing Co., Ltd.

Established from the strategy of Nippon Molding Co., Ltd. "Aiming to be a comprehensive paper company".
Along with the innovation of information processing technology, the printing industry is rushing to ride the waves of the IT revolution, and printed matter is showing various changes through ways of communication.
We have meticulously identified these times and have grown by combining hardware (technology) and software (planning) in a well-balanced manner.
We provide a reliable product by utilizing the knowhows we have in planning, designing and printing printed materials by combining a complete equipment-based environment, advanced technology and exceptional staff.
We are continuing our operations with the aim towards becoming a leading printing company in the region.

Company Profile Our Business

Company Profile

ニチモウ印刷株式会社 ニチモウ印刷株式会社
Company Name Nichimou Printing Co., Ltd.
Established October 1984
Capital 15 million yen
President & CEO Ishihara Akira
Number of Employees 9
Main customer
(In random order)
Hekikai Shinkin Bank / Government Offices
Karitu Co., Ltd. , Aichi Central Agricultural Cooperative
Anjo Rehabilitation Hospital, Toyota Kosei Hospital
Chuo Seiki Co., Ltd., Denso Electronics Co., Ltd.
Nippon Molding Co., Ltd., Nichimou Trading Co., Ltd.
Miura Electric Co., Ltd. Each public school
AIG non-life insurance company, etc.
4-3 Bentencho, Anjo City, Aichi 446-0064 Japan
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Main equipment

●Main equipment

  • Input
    • 【PC】
      • iMac OSX Yosemite ver.10.10 x2
    • 《application》
      • Adobe illustrator CC
      • Adobe Photoshop CC
      • Fuji Xerox Docu Color 5151P
  • Output
    • 【Printer】
      • Fuji Xerox Docu Color 5656PN
    • 【For output】
      • DELL optiplex
      • EPSON AT992ED/A7
    • 【output drive】
      • DELL optiplex
      • Kodak Achieve Platesetter
    • 【Automatic cutting machine for name card】
      • Kirikko MCX-AR

●Production section

  • Sakurai chrysanthemum half-cut two-color machine x1
  • Shinohara chrysanthemum 4-cut monochromatic machine x1
  • Ryobi number input NP500 x1
  • Kikuhan cutting machine x1
  • Uchida Auto Collator x8
  • Uchida Paper Dollar LA-2
  • Uchida Paper Dollar LA-2
  • Uchida Paper Dollar LA-2
  • Uchida Paper Dollar LA-2
  • And more