Yu-Ai Security Co., Ltd.

We believe in delivering total safety to your upmost satisfaction.
Forming a business alliance as part of the business diversification of Nippon Molding Co., Ltd.
we have started to play a role in local disaster prevention activities
With our headquarters in Chiryu area, we have expanded our business area from West Mikawa area to all of Aichi Prefecture to ensure the safety of our company's infrastructure and safety, as well as to carry out a wider range of safety activities.

Company Profile

Company Name Yu-Ai Security Guarantee Co., Ltd.
Established June 1972
Capital 10 million yen
President Sumida Sadayoshi
Number of Employees 80
Sales 300 million yen
Main Customer
(In random order)
Anjo City Hall Toyota City Hall
Aichi Central Agricultural Cooperative
Aisin Seiki Co., Ltd.
Wako Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.
Nippon Circuit Industry Co., Ltd.
Howa Kasei Co., Ltd.
Kinuura Kasei Co., Ltd.
Nippon Special Paint Co., Ltd.
Toyotomo Transport Co., Ltd.
Chiryu Town Development Co., Ltd.
Maruwa Electronic Science Co., Ltd.
Toyoko Industry Co., Ltd. and others
Business details ○Security
Permanent security, mechanical security, patrol security, crowd traffic security
Fire insurance, accident insurance, car insurance
Membership of professional institutions National Security Association
Aichi Prefectural Security Association
Aichi Prefectural Security Cooperative
Kariya Chamber of Commerce
Chiryu Chamber of Commerce
3-1-1 Shinike, Chiryu-shi, Aichi 446-0056 Japan
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