Corporate Philosophy / Policy

Our company takes environmental policies seriously and makes every effort towards the reduction of carbon dioxide.


Our Goals

To make a social contribution by increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing our employees' sense of growth, achievement, and presence through our dedication towards work and service.

Our Identity

Nippon Molding CO LTD manufactures molded pulp products such as paper transport containers and cushioning materials made mainly from recycled paper based on environmental protection in the fields of eggs, fruits and vegetables, and industrial products. We develop our products in accordance with customer principles with our company motto. We also aim to become a total packaging solution company through the proposal of all related products.

Our Policy

Quality Policy
Certification No.: 06510

ISO9001 certification (Nippon Molding CO LTD)
April 30th, 2010
President & CEO Ishihara Akira

At Nippon Molding CO LTD, we make effort to manufacture products such as paper transport containers, cushioning materials and other products made mainly from recycled paper for eggs, fruits and vegetables, as well as industrial products that give priority to customer requirements with our motto, “Social contribution with our everlasting prosperity through the development of originality and ingenuity based on harmony”.

Environmental Policy
Certification No.: 09002

ISO14001 certification (Nippon Molding CO LTD)
November 7, 2012
President & CEO Ishihara Akira

Environmental Slogan

Our aim is to be a company that acts in consideration of the global environment.

At Nippon Molding Group, our main functions are paper purchasing, manufacturing molded pulp products and transporting, thereby promoting business and service abide by the environmental policy.